Happy Sunday!

July 8, 2007

I had thought about opening this blog with a somewhat depressing monologue regarding the past month and a half. After spending a good thirty minutes trying to write a opening paragraph, I took that as a sign I shouldn’t write about that topic. It makes sense too, today is Sunday–a day to praise God and rest. I don’t see how a ‘somewhat depressing’ blog post fits into that…maybe I’ll revisit my draft on Friday.

I maintained a blog for a couple months over a year, but recently haven’t been posting. Yesterday I was reading a young Catholic lady’s blog and was again impressed by the author’s take on things, humor, and steady posting. Then I clicked over to my low priority blog, read through the archives, and I was honestly disappointed. To clarify, I saw the teeny lingo and careless writing that is so prolific among my peers slipping into my writing. Then my pride kicked in–as someone who considers herself a aspiring writer, I was embarrassed! So rather than start where I left off on my first blog, I decided to create a new blog.

The next question was what to name the new blog. The name of my last blog (The Chronicles of Devin, a Book lover’s Guide to the Galaxy, which I thought was uncommonly clever) came to me while I was sick with the flu and a throat so sore my only means of communication was the written word. Ominous beginning, eh? Anyway, this time I wanted my naming method to differ and the name to hold more weight over the main direction of my blog. I opened my Bible to, my hope was, a Holy Spirit directed page. The first Holy Spirit directed page didn’t prove to have any verse that struck me. I tried again, I was going for the nagging widow theme, and landed in Psalm 144. I like reading Psalms, so I read through 144 and the beginning of 145…then verse 5 caught my eye.

They speak of the splendor of your majestic glory, tell of your wonderful deeds.

The reason it struck me is because, it sums up what I want to do! I want to speak (and write) to tell of His majestic glory! I have no illusions pertaining to my writing skills, but hey, I’m young.

And here is where you’ll find me today. I have humble hopes for this blog, but if nothing else, it will help me to become a disciplined writer and help me speak of the splendor.



One Response to “Happy Sunday!”

  1. Thom Says:

    Hey Dev! Welcome back into the Blogosphere! I’m looking forward to your further posts!

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