George W. Bush needs our prayers!

July 16, 2007

I am pretty much addicted to Facebook. I’m not even going to link to it so you, dear, won’t be ensnared by it either. Facebook is another online community thing, very similar to all the other online community…things, but I consider it safer and more worth my time. I’ve had to convince people more than one time that it will not swallow their child whole, but I’m not going to dive into that right now. I know it won’t be succinct at the moment and at the moment I’m not too pleased with Facebook.

I logged in to Facebook, like the well trained participant I am, and right at the top of my homepage a anti-Bush catchphrase blared out at me. I don’t know why it was in my space. Maybe a friend joined a group with a title displaying said sentiments, and that is the reason my personal space is to be invaded by that message. Is this Facebook’s fault? No, but Facebook was a avenue for annoying propaganda.

If you’ve seen Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado, or read the script, you will remember that those under the Mikado’s rule viewed the Mikado as 4/5 man and 1/5 god. I am under no illusions regarding our President’s earthliness. He is 100% human, as are we all. A point that seems to be forgotten easily. It seems to me that someone who has problems with particulars of President Bush’s decisions would rather view him with disgust, as a stupid and thoughtless god, rather than a human who makes errors.

There are decisions that President Bush has made that I haven’t agreed with, but when I see a man of power so ridiculed and attacked, and see who exactly is attacking him, I can’t help but think he must be doing something right. Nothing comes from nothing, right? Agree or disagree with the President of the United States, give him the benefit of the doubt…and your prayers.


One Response to “George W. Bush needs our prayers!”

  1. gymnast_karate^kid/tinúviel Says:

    “insanity of our times” was a most appropriate tag, i think.

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