Dbacks vs. Cubbies, HO!

October 3, 2007

For those of you not in ‘the know,’ and by in ‘the know’ I mean baseball ‘the know,’ the Arizona Diamondbacks are in the MLB playoffs, baby! Today is the first playoff game vs. the Chicago Cubs. The ‘experts’ are already saying we’ll lose…but have they been watching AZ baseball? Obviously not, because if they did they would know that we are bunch of guys who can beat you any given night.

Finally, though, we are getting some recognition from ESPN and other sports new stations. We even have one of our ‘personality players’ doing a commercial…Brynesie doin’ his thing. Normally his hair is nowhere near that level of…plastered.

Byrnes certainly is a character in the 2007 Dbacks story, but he is not alone. He may be the most..most, but what about our rookie pitcher (c’mon people, it’s Micah Owings) hitting two homeruns and a double in one game? Then he threw a two hit shutout against SanFran (gosh it’s good to beat the Giants). What about Mr. Upton, our first round pick and the most sought after rookie in MLB? What about the Sherif, CoJack, ODog, Snyder, and Drew? What about our amazing bench – Clark, Salazar, Monterro, Cirillo, Callapso, and Bonifaccio? Not even to mention our pitchers! Webby is in contention for the Cy Young, and ValVerde has lead the bigs in saves, off the top of my head, since July.

As I said above, the Dbacks will play their first playoff game tonight, and I will be there in right field cheering them on TO VICTORY! …and to all you nay sayers out there AND to the fans whose team might meet us in this grand struggle to the World Series, this is all I have to say:



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