the details escaped me, but I know WE WON

October 4, 2007

Alright, being the writing hopeful that I am, I brought my trusty notebook and (red) pen to the game tonight…and oh boy, am I glad I did. 😀

On the way to the game (we left at 4 o’clock for the 7 o’clock game, oh to be a fanatic!) we were listening to the radio and a couple quotes made me laugh…

“Don’t you love it when the experts are wrong?” This quote corresponds with my 10/3 post.

[Commenting on how many fans are waiting outside the stadium for the ates to open] “I’m seeing a bunch of blue…of course most Cub fans are unemployed, so they were able to get off early from begging…” HA!

[A Yankee fan, Tony (of course) called in and was saying how he would ‘really like’ the Dbacks to make it, because they’re ‘such a good team’…blah blah…] and the radio commentator’s retort was “Oh, c’mon Tony, it’s all about revenge!”

We arrived at the stadium – our timing was perfecto – and within five minutes were within Chase Field and made a beeline to left field for balls and autographs. Here is what I wrote in my aforementioned notebook:

Everyone is high on baseball. Everyone – Cub, Dback, Reds (wait, what are they doing here? did they forget Lou Piniella is with CUBS now?) – is shouting for the anticipated ball and autograph. Suddenly the shouting increases drastically, it is now one huge scream, everyone is moving to get under the ball (because everyone has a chance at it…technically) and in the process I was drenched in beer. After I realized it was beer and not some bodily fluid, I turned around and looked for the culprit. Two young men behind me looked suspicious – they were both Cubs fans and holding half empty beer cups and one had the ball. Oooh, gotcha. “Dude!” (the ever appropriate comment) I yelled. I got two Innocent and surprised faces turned toward mine. Then they realized what happened and there was the process of “Whaa? It wasn’t me!” [pointing] “No, it was him!” [pointing again] When the culprit finally admitted to his crime he apologized, and I said, “Yeah, well you know we’ll have to beat you now.” In retrospect I could have taken the advice of a Dback fan who saw the beer encounter (“Start crying! He’ll give you the ball!”) but if the guy was a true fan, he wouldn’t have given me the ball…and besides, why would I want a Cubs ball?

Onto my next observations. There is something dangerous about diving for a ball with beer in your hand (and your body). I shall elaborate.

A sort of thrill comes over a die hard baseball fan when a ball flies in the loose vicinity of over his head. He, rightly, feels he CAN catch that ball. It is a fine art, catching a Batting Practice fly ball. It is part adrenaline, part drunkenness, part selflessness, part peer pressure, part fearlessness, and part tradition. If you catch the ball in the air – you’re a hero. If the ball bounces on the veritable sea of hands but, due to come freak of nature, comes to rest in yours – you’re generally a hero, but there are a good five people who know who that ball REALLY belongs to. If you are in some uninhabited area of bleacher and you scramble almost on all fours to get the ball – it’s no big deal…because you didn’t have to fight for it. If you steal the ball form a kid, as a adult – you are booed until you give the ball back. Now, if a player looks you in the eyes, throws it to you and you drop it, be prepared to be booed (sometimes), laughed at and ridiculed (depending on the game).

A brainchild as I sat observing…and trying to wipe the excess beer of my pages.

Player Etiquette for Batting Practice Ball Giving (seriously, these guys
need it)

1. Do not throw balls to somewhat provocative women. (In the words of a Cubs fan, “She wants something else!”) God help you if you throw more than one to the same woman.
2. If you let more than four balls come to you, and throw them all back to the pitcher, you will rightly be booed.
3. If someone drops a ball onto the field that the person caught – do not throw it back to the pitcher, that is just plain mean. Do you want to make a kid cry? (An adult too for that matter)
4. Do NOT throw a ball to a opposing team fan….your fans will generally give you the benefit of the doubt, but not always.
5. A autograph take two seconds. C’mon.

Now to my title. I like for my titles to make some sort of sense, and so forth it has not…because I have relayed a bunch of detail.

The game. Was. AMAZING! We rocked! You know, I was a bit worried about how many Cubs fans would be there…but we SHUT THEM UP! Well, not entirely…it takes allot to shut up Chicago, but the Dbacks fans were MUCH louder! We started chants (1908, 3 More Outs, Beat Da Cubs, to name a few), we had signs (Go Home Cubs!, Not This Year Cubs – Your Century Is Not Quite Over 1908-2008 Try Again Next Year, Beat the Cubs, and so many more), we didn’t sit down for more than five minutes, if there were any doubts about whose stadium the Cubs were in…they were gone in the top of the 1st! I gotta hand it to the Cubs fans, they stayed hopeful and … yeah, until about the top of the 8th, when Lyon shut them down, 1, 2, 3. Ye-ah!

To quote my title, the details escaped me. I knew what team was up, the batter, the outs, sometimes I knew the count, and boy did I know when Drew and Reynolds slammed out those two homeruns, but I couldn’t watch each at bat evolve, see the details of the spectacular plays or know who was up next. Ha, who cares? I was there! I know we won, I know Webby pitched how he has all season, I know that we got the big hits when we needed them, I know that our bullpen did it again…what more do I need to know?

To quote a sports announcer we listened to on the way home, “The Dbacks played tonight like they have all season.” And how they have been playing is above and beyond enough to win a, who am I kidding, ALL of their playoff games!


3 Responses to “the details escaped me, but I know WE WON”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Hah! That thing about catching the ball is hilarious!

  2. Devin Mc Says:

    lol, that was quick! …yeah, I want to elaborate on each part later.

  3. Thomas Says:

    that’s funny, because I rarely checked your blog… odd coincidence that i checked it one hour after your post…

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