Coquus ab omnibus laudatus laetus erat.

November 20, 2007

In case you didn’t catch that, the English translation is:

The cook, having been praised by all, was happy.

I have a bit of an elaboration to write. My last post happened because, 1) I entered my favorite pie recipe into a Lovliness Fair hosted by a 4real mom and, 2) because my Dad needed two pies to bring with him to a work Thanksgiving pot-luck.

My elaboration concerns the second part…but I will let my Mom do the talking, er…writing:

My dh’s department had a Thanksgiving potluck today. My dh was assigned to bring 2 pies. Yesterday, my 15yo dd make 2 crustless cranberry pies as something unique for him to bring. My dh brought them to the potluck but wasn’t able to stay until the end because he had an appointment. It ends up that the head of the *agency* (not just the department), Mr. D., was able to come to the potluck for a brief visit. Before he left, he made his customary remarks to the whole group. But this time his remarks included thanking my dh for bringing the pies, that they were his favorite part of the meal (no offense to anyone else!), and thanked him for raising such a fine daughter! Wow! There’s more…

For sometime now, my dh was hoping to run into Mr. D., informally but he is a very busy man. My dh has wanted to discreetly “mention” being up for promotion. Well today, Mr. D. went to dh’s office after the potluck to tell him how much he liked the pie! This turned into a 20-30 minute meeting, and yes, my dh mentioned the possible promotion. Mr. D. was very supportive.

One of the reasons my dd homeschools for high school is to give her time to cook. My dh is very supportive. 🙂

So yes, I am a happily praised cook, and suddenly have a ‘famous’ dish. 😉

(Didn’t the Latin title make me sound smart?! …No comments except in the affirmative, please.)



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