Pressure Cooker Whole Rye

December 2, 2007

Having strayed away from our whole grain roots, my Mom and I have decided to make an effort to strongly reinstate whole grains into our family’s diet.  I don’t think my brothers and father have pieced this info together yet. 😉

A huge asset to whole grain cooking is a Pressure Cooker.  These are much, much more user-friendly than they were

not too long ago.  They no longer look like bombs.   Great.  Anyway, if you are looking into getting a Pressure Cooker, or have one and don’t believe you are using it to its full capacity, I reccomend all of Lorna Sass’ presser cooker books.

Pressure Cooker Whole Rye

1 C whole rye berries

4 1/2 C liquid (I use water for a plain breakfast, and a broth or stock for a more flavorful dish.)

1 T oil

1/2 tsp. salt (optional)


25-30 minutes under high pressure, when cooking time is up quick release pressure under cold running water. 

The morning that I made this for breakfast, I had a little more time on my hands, so I didn’t rush the times.  Actually I let the rye sit and cool for probably about half an hour.  I went to open the lid expecting somewhat hard (hearty!) grains swimming in liquid as the results has been every previous time I had made this recipe.  Instead I got this:

Aha, WIN!  This was a much more appetizing dish than what Rye had been in the past.  There was a slight bitter taste, but nothing that some maple syrup couldn’t fix.

So, for the consistency pictured above, do not quick release, let the rye naturally drop pressure.


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