First of all, please forgive this first-draft madness, sarcasm, and blunt-ness. I applaud the reader.

December 7, 2007

Sickness makes me lax in my writing, blunt, and sarcastic.  *Duck and cover!*


My status on Facebook is currently, “Devin is discovering how not fun it is to write a paper while feeling like she is going to throw up every couple of minutes, & feeling downright cruddy the rest of the tim.”  I am feeling cruddy the rest of the ‘tim’ because I was too verbose in my status, and heaven forbid there is room for that useful vowel, ‘e,’ to change a man’s name to a noun meaning, ‘the point or period when something occurs.’  Don’t get me going on the annoying workings of Facebook.  I am aware some something is going on with the creator of Facebook (Zuckerberg or something like that), but I do not wish to become an activist to ‘Save Facebook!’  If Facebook was sold or closed or whatever, it would be an easy and graceful way out from a time sucking monster that still is not as secure as I would like and has gradually started to deteriorate and main-streamalize (yes, I made that word up.  It’s called ‘artistic license’) since I joined it in October 2006. 


Did I mention that I’m sick with stomach flu and my writing discipline (ha) isn’t at its best?  Did you realize that I am not good, when sick, at containing my train of thought, hence eliminating droning on and on about something I really have no control over?  If I was in my right mind I wouldn’t let myself think about the annoying things that happen whenever I come into contact with ‘the Real World.’  Why not?  Why allow little injustices slip by with the mentality, ‘I wouldn’t be able to fix it.’?  Because!  Because (Here’s another hint that I’m sick, I just started a sentence with ‘Because.’) it is TRUE!  Do I honestly think that me sitting my duff at the computer, furiously joining all the groups on FB with the theme, ‘Save Facebook,’ is going to save Facebook?  Is emailing Fox News because of the ‘biased report’ they gave on Homeschooling or pro-lifers or the Catholic faith (oooh, BIG surprise) is going to CHANGE the news industry?  Will my letter include something they haven’t heard of any ignored many, many times before?  Not on my life!  In a perfect, holy and wholesome world, a well written letter should change something.  Or better yet (I’m so weak!  I just started a sentence with ‘Or’!  Shamey, shamey) in a perfect, holy etc. etc. world, there wouldn’t BE any problems to begin with!  I do hate to break it to you, and to myself, it is no way going to happen


Ya know what, this is what Heaven is for.  Heaven is the bright light, the life, which we need to set our sight on in this dark, this deathly, world.  Heaven is the perfect, holy, wholesome world, and if I wait for the sordid earth to get its act together, I could be lead astray from my path to Heaven.  Ironic, isn’t it?  I could be lead from my path to Heaven, by trying to help to make the earth more Heavenly.  In my mind, wouldn’t it be depressing if we thought we could, or should, turn earth into Heaven?  What would we have to look forward to?  I am not saying that Christians shouldn’t evangelize, or mainstreamers shouldn’t stand up for causes that they care for, but come on!  Facebook?


I do wonder, though, how many mothers’ prayers have inadvertently (or not so inadvertently) put Facebook into jeopardy…?


Not my Mother, oh no.  😉


Ok, I’m off to drink water and eat applesauce.  Oh, and finish a paper.  Ooooh, goody.



(Because (!) I want this post to not only be first-draft madness, here are a couple of pictures I took varying lengths in the past.)














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