Curly, Larry, and Mo

December 21, 2007

I am one who tries to avoid the traps of peer pressure as much as possible.  Frankly, I don’t like what a lot of my peers are doing, so I usually don’t feel the urge to follow along with the pressure.  But recently I have found myself falling into the teen trap of trying to do a lot.  Why just sleepover at one friend’s house and then go home when you can go to a movie, and then sleepover at another friend’s house?  Every once in a while, I do like these kinds of stretched out, adopt-a-new-family type outings, but…I said ‘No’ this week. 

Not to drugs, or promiscuity, but to missing an extra night of sleep. 

It was all Overbooking’s fault, I was fine until he poked his nose into my affairs, and whispered, “Hey…hey, you don’t have anything going on this Thursday….and you have that Latin project to do…you should go spend the night, to work on the project, with Curly…”  So it was with entirely good intentions that I planned a night and morning that seemed like it would go off flawlessly. 

Curly and I would meet at the library.  We would research our topic (BTW, anyone know anything about Baucis and Philemon? Please comment!) and once we had gathered enough information, we would return to her home where we would dilegenter…whoops, diligently work on finishing up our reports (we needed to make sure there aren’t any contradictions, etc), and plan how much more time we needed for costumes and props.  Then after we had worked for as long as needed we would spend the rest of the night watching movies, eating…on the computer, whatever.  And I would be conveyed home in the morning.

It sounds chink-less, doesn’t it?  Or at least that’s what I thought.

Then I talked to another friend, and was presented with a chink. 

*For this next part to make sense, the reader must understand that I am a member within a large Catholic Homeschooling group and every year they host a Birthday Party for Jesus where children present their talents (piano, dance, skits, etc) as a birthday present for Jesus.  This year the teen sector of the homeschool group is going to host the BPfJ.  The friend who is going to present a chink and I are going to co-MC it.*

As we were chatting away, my friend…shall we call her Larry?…yes, she would appreciate it.  Anyway, as Larry and I were chatting the BDfJ came up in conversation….

Wait, or did I figure this out on my own with the calendar?  Yep, that’s how it happened.  No credit whatsoever to Larry for busting my bubble.

Whoo, ok.  This post has taken a turn to the rambling road of dis-organization.

Last time I try, if my explanation doesn’t come out right this time….too bad.

I realized that Friday the 21st was in 3 days, not 10.  [Minor problem]  So I had to be at Larry’s house at around noon on Friday…and that meant I would have to go straight from Curly’s TLC to Larry’s C [Care]….without coming back to my house.  And that meant I was going to either be really, really disciplined at Curly’s and go to sleep early OR I was going to have to co-MC a event with around 4 hours of sleep [I can picture it now, “And up next *yawn* we have *yawn*…]…and then stay up late with Larry…and collapse on Saturday.

See, I am not a fan of collapsing.  Whether due to emotional strain or lack of food OR an overdose of other people’s cologne and perfume.  I have done the last two on the list, so I know. 

And I also knew that I had to be pleasant on Saturday, when I returned home…drat.

So with all of these factors and variables given proper consideration, I decided that it was just too much.  I called Curly and explained my predicament, and we both decided (‘cause she has to help at the BPfJ as well) that it would be better if we rescheduled….

…besides, neither one of us had started our report. 😛
Signing off,

Mo  (you knew it was coming)


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