Give it up for Straight No Chaser (and Merry Christmas!)

December 27, 2007

That right there ^ is excellence. Enough said. (HT: Aisa and Annika!)

Now onto the second part of my title:

A very Merry Christmas season to all who read this blog! …and to those who have the nerve not to read it, *sigh* merry Christmas to them too. 😉

My Christmas eve and day was a beautiful celebration of Our Lord’s coming filled with much good food, good company, and good ‘new shiny stuff’…not to mention a Sun’s game. I hope that you and yours had as wonderful a Christmas eve and day as I did, and continue to have a blest Christmas season.


P.S. Over Christmas eve, Christmas day, and the day after Christmas I had two ideas for blog posts that will require a bit more TL attention…i.e. — editing, so they will not be up for a good couple of days, if not a week. But food blogging will be up soon! (The important stuff. :))


2 Responses to “Give it up for Straight No Chaser (and Merry Christmas!)”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    funny Devin. We all laughed here!

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