Dangerous Foods: Nutella

December 30, 2007


With its amazingly creamy and luxurious texture, and wonderfully hazelnutty and chocolatey at-the-same-time taste, this stuff has a scary tendency to disappear from cabinets and pantries with alarming speed.


I still highly recommend it.


What makes it even more dangerous is that it can be eaten with an awesome amount of different things!  Toast, bananas, oranges, cookies, ice cream….or on a spoon.


3 Responses to “Dangerous Foods: Nutella”

  1. Fellow Nutella lover here…perhaps you’d be interested in celebrating World Nutella Day on February 5th?

    Read more about World Nutella Day here.

    Tell your readers, tell your friends, and let’s coat the world in a big ole layer of chocolate hazelnut goodness 😉

  2. Splendor Says:

    Michelle, you are a life-saver. (and thank you for commenting) i had read about World Nutella Day ’07 a few months ago, had started to look it up and plan and all that, but then totally forgot about it. thank you for reminding me. 🙂 hopefully i will be able to contribute, but i will have to read through those guidlines again.

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