Oh…THAT massacre.

January 17, 2008

So today I watched my history lesson, and one of the events that was talked about was the Boston Massacre. Now, usually one of my brothers watches the lesson with me and today Ian was sitting in. After the lesson was finished, I overheard this conversation between Aiden and Ian…

Ian: Aiden, have you heard of the Boston Massacre?
Aiden: Oh sure, that’s the time that the Red Sox lost four games in a row.

Laugh with me, baseball fans, and to those who don’t appreciate this bit of humor…don’t try.



(ETA for my Mother’s sake: Aiden does know what the history books designate as the Boston Massacre.)


2 Responses to “Oh…THAT massacre.”

  1. I admit it. I chuckled. It was very funny!

    I am sure they know the difference……… but it was still funny!

  2. Splendor Says:

    thanks for commenting, I’m glad you enjoyed it! 😀

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