Don’t ask me why,

January 19, 2008

but I was taking a Wedding Quiz…uh, it was something about ‘finding your style’…anyways, one of the questions was:

Where is the ideal setting for your wedding?
A – A country club
B – The beach at sunset
C – A grand castle or villa
D – A loft or penthouse

Now, does anyone else catch what is wrong here?? Ah! Why, it must be that a highly important option is MISSING! What would that option be? It would be: In a church. And no, it doesn’t have to be a grand cathedral.

Oh, and this humble opinion of mine has been formed out of the blue and with nothing to do with the fact that it is a tradition that has been in place for hundreds and hundreds of years. *rolls eyes*

This struck me as quite wrong, along the lines of the anti-Christmas agenda verbalized by ‘Happy Holidays’…just eliminate the option (ie. getting married in a church) and no one will be offended hence there will be soft and squishy feelings all around.  Yippee!  (I don’t do ‘soft and squishy’ feelings, but that is another highly annoying post.) Now, I certainly know that weddings can be just as beautiful and holy and binding if they are held on the beach, but these little things that I come across keep reminding me what a culture of death we live in…even if it is a passive death.

Also, since the option ‘In a church’ is not available–my quiz results will not be as correct! Pssh.

(please excuse the sarcasm, this was highly annoying to me.)
(yeah, yeah, yeah, I know…why was I taking the quiz…yadda yadda, I set myself up…oh well.)

Edited to Add:

Ooooh! Why did i click ‘Next Question’? Why, why why?! Ahhh, darn it…ok:

What are three words that best describe the feel of your wedding?
A – Dreamy, emotional, magical.
B – Well-educated, detailed, sophisticated
C – Eclectic, earthy, festive
D – Luxe, opulent, glitzy


What about, ‘Sacramental, ONCE (in a lifetime), holy.’ Huh, huh?

…*splutters* ‘Well-educated’?! … ‘Luxe’? … ‘Magical’? …

Oh my.

I just can’t do it, I WON’T do it, by gosh! I’m not going to finish the quiz, I can’t risk a obituary like this:

Devin McIntyre died at her computer on January the 19th, 2008 after repeatedly subjecting herself to nonsensical questions on a wedding styles quiz.

Oh but I am sorry, I can tell you so wanted to know what my Wedding Style was… 😉