Baked Pears

January 30, 2008

(Aha! A Post with a point!)

One of my all-time favorite fruit desserts….I LOVE Baked Pears. This recipe is so easy, it hardly merits a real ‘recipe.’ All you do is…

Crank the oven up. It depends on how long you have to play with. If you want the pears done sooner, turn the oven higher, if you have a longer period of time, lower it. The general temp. range would be 425 + these lovelies can take the heat.

Arrange however many pears your are going to bake in a oven safe dish that is lined with parchment paper, I used a glass pie pan.

Bake until a fork can easily be inserted in the side, last time I made these, I think it came out to about 45 minutes at 425.

To serve: (here comes the fun part)

Cut in half, core, and top with…

-A ‘dollop’ of ice cream, or whipped cream
…and whatever sounds good to you.

Or maybe a sauce…

Ginger sounded good to me, and we had a opened can of pineapple sitting around, so I poured some pineapple (it was chopped) into the blender and blended it till it was smooth (not pureed). Then I poured the pineapple into a saucepan, put it on med., and stirred in sliced candied ginger, and a little honey.


(These store well in the refrigerator, and taste just as good cold.)


Garlic Tea

January 30, 2008

When a friend, who is also feeling sick, asked me what Garlic Tea was–my immediate thought was, “You don’t want to know.”

No, it’s not that bad. And it does wonders for throat…and vampires. 😛


4 Cups Boiling water
4 garlic cloves (med size), crushed…or finely minced

Boil the water. While the water is boiling, crush the garlic into a 4 C canning jar. If you don’t have a big jar, some 4 cup vessel (preferably with a lid) that can take boiling water will work. When the water boils, pour it over the garlic and shut the lid.

Let steep until you can pick up the jar without burning your hands, and (to aid the drinking) add either…

Honey and lemon juice
Bullion cube

Enjoy! …yeah. *thumbs up*