Day One in San Diego

February 2, 2008

We arrived in San Diego after a 6 hour DRIVE. I specify DRIVE because we stopped a few times; one member of the family thought he was going to throw up…so we pulled to the side of the road (he forgot to mention that all he had eaten that morning was Skittles) and he got some fresh air; then we stopped for everyone to use the restrooms (*gags*) and moooove our limbs (I practiced my kata, the boys played ball); the third, and final, stop was by far the most popular…we ate at In ’n Out Burger for lunch, it was Mom’s first time eating there, and the boys think we should now make it a tradition, stopping at In ‘n Out, on our way to San Diego. After In ‘n Out we had about two hours and, (aha) lucky me, I slept for about an hour and a half of the remaining drive.

Once we arrived at the hotel, we unpacked, and then headed down to the beach to walk. The sun was just beginning to go down, it felt a lot later than 5:30, but we had a good amount of time to just take it all in.

I was once again reminded of my love of the ocean.

I watched the sanderlings scurry up and down the shore; the pelicans dive down through the water with a swoop, the white foam of the tide slide up and down – leaving the sand glistening and gold in the evening sun. Then the day’s ripe sun caught behind a cliff, giving the crags an orange, glowing halo reminiscent of the rich colors on an artist’s palate. Gulls winged through the streaked February sky, shrieking, spinning and wheeling, making us humans jealous of their flight. I lowered my eyes and watched my feet, step after step, walking on the sand.

After we finished walking, we went to the Commissary and NEX, hoping to buy some supplies. Both were closed, I guess our luck was very Irish today. The food court was open, so we ordered some food and ate a quick dinner before returning to the hotel. Upon returning, we started watching the Regan Library Republican Debate. Oh, so a Democrat debate is happening tomorrow, ie. Superbowl Sunday, and we threw around the idea of watching the debate. Then we started to laugh. Both my parents said, “No—it’s too annoying.” And my brothers said, “Who would watch that on Superbowl Sunday?!” So I guess there’s our answer. 😉

While watching the debate on CNN, there was a news break with a few stories. One was the tragic story of a female, and nearly full-term pregnant, Marine who was killed by another Marine. At her funeral, next to her casket was a ‘small, silver casket’ that held the body of her nearly full-term baby. When I heard this, first I was struck by the tragedy of the loss of the woman and child. Then I was struck by something else. The child who was in the casket was not yet born when he or she was killed. This child is recognized as a second murdered person. He or she is remembered as a second victim. …in this certain case. If the mother had chosen to have a late-term abortion, this child would no longer be viewed as a child. The child would be an ‘it.’ The barbaric killing by abortion would not be viewed as a murder, it would be a choice, a removal of difficulty.

As we were watching the Republican debate, Mike Huckabee talked against the ‘ability’ to ‘decide’ when life is valuable and worth recognition. It got me thinking. When is life ‘valuable’? Is it when we’re handsome and strong? Maybe it’s when we can ‘pay our way’? What about me? I’m a teenager, sure I’m young and strong…but I’m kind of taking up space and not giving back much at all. In fact, I can be a big pain in the neck. Am I worthy? Am I valuable? What is my value now? Is there a graph keeping track? Sheesh, I should start some major work to keep my value up so suddenly I’m not kicked out along with the very young, very old, and disabled. No, don’t take me wrong because of my sarcasm. I like to play up what I see as the ‘absurdities’ and sarcasm can be a deft way to do it. The belief that life is equally valuable and worth protecting from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death is very clear to me. I am blessed that it is so clear. I am also saddened when I am reminded that the value of life, widely in our culture, is a subjective thing.

Today has been good, a very good start to our vacation. Tomorrow, yes it’s Superbowl Sunday, but tomorrow is also my darling younger brother’s nine year birthday. He’s ticked that some people had the nerve to put the Superbowl on his birthday—February 3rd is HIS day!


Oh. Ooooh. One thing that was quite annoying. I forgot the wire that lets me transfer photos I take onto my computer. Ah! So, I can’t upload any photos until I get home. And I did have a beautiful backdrop tonight. *sniffs*


One Response to “Day One in San Diego”

  1. gukkhser Says:

    You have such a way with words, Dev… That paragraph on the view is lovely.

    Ughh this world is so controversial. So I’ll just quote you — “tell ’em all they will be wrong until they are Catholic.” Honestly.

    So Nate gave me a warning (not a mean one, just one of those “you’re OT” warnings) on the Evolution thread on his group, because this other guy named Nate and I were getting into an intense (non-threatening) theological discussion. Well! That was Sunday, and it turns out that this Nate guy started a thread titled “Theological Discussions,” and addressed ME in the first post, going from where we’d left off on the thread, and I DIDN’T SEE IT TILL LAST NIGHT, and there were already 20 posts! and they were all maddening!!! I’ll have to send you a copy of the threads. Grrr. So I didn’t get to reply, so I just messaged Nate and told him I’d be back to discuss it all after Lent. He’s a nice kid, I guess. Lol.

    Wow, I just went totally OT, didn’t I? *sigh* That’s a habit I’m finding extremely difficult to break…

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