Day Two in San Diego

February 3, 2008

Today is quite a big day in our household. Today is Ian’s 9th birthday and Superbowl Forty-Two.

And, it’s raining. Trust me, a big thing for Arizonians.

We went to mass at the base chapel this morning. I enjoy every time we go to the chapel, and today was no exception. One word that I would choose to describe the chapel, its priests, and the congregation is ‘simple.’ Not as in lesser-than, but streamlined and familiar. The priest was an elderly man with a sweet and un-assuming countenance and a ‘right on’ homily. The service was the ‘no frills’ type, similar to the services from back east, and my preference.

After mass we went to the Commissary, and then to the NEX. I bought a wind-breaker type jacket. I believe a brother got shoes, nothing too exciting.

(The Patriots are leading 7-3 at halftime, any predictions? Are you going for the underdogs? Or for the perfect season record holders? Pssh, do you think I have any answers?!)

Then Dad, Aiden, Ian, and I went bowling. I haven’t bowled in almost exactly two years. We played two games—I believe I broke 60 each game. So, the question is, ‘Did I embarrass my brothers?’ Ha—I hope so! Pssh, but they didn’t do so hot either.

(Taking a break from writing as I watch Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers perform. Excuse me, please.

Ohhhh, they. are. soooo GOOD! My gosh, they didn’t even break a sweat. Four songs: American Girl, Won’t Back Down, Free Fallin,’ Runnin’ Down a Dream. An awesome selection of songs, some of our family’s personal favorites.)

Anyways, where was I? Oh, right.

So we played two games of bowling, after the two games were over the boys (including my father) played some arcade games and I watched some Superbowl Pregame TV. After ‘one minute’ of games *cough*fifteen minutes*cough* we headed back to the hotel, started watching the game, I sat down to write this, and (as they say) the rest is history.

Oh, in case some of you were worried, Ian is no longer ‘ticked’ that the Superbowl is on his b-day. Now he likes that the big game is on his day, because (he reasons) if it is a good game, no one will forget this game…hence all will remember his birthday.

Enjoy the commercials…oops, I mean, enjoy the game.



One Response to “Day Two in San Diego”

  1. gukkhser Says:

    Awwh Happy Birthday to Ian!! My goodness, is he 9 ALREADY???

    Muahaha the half-time show was the only thing I stayed for, actually. I spent the rest of the night on the computer. Won’t Back Down… I hadn’t heard it in ages, and I was like “OH!! So HE sang that?!!?!” lol. I simply must get those on my iPod…

    Haha, I never blog about my bowling scores in case Paolo reads them. rotflwtime. Congratz on breaking 60! How did the boys do? Seriously, I haven’t broken 100 since we moved here, it’s so depressing. (And he expects me to break 200. YEAH RIGHT…)

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