Day Three in San Diego

February 4, 2008

Today was a (how shall I say it?) lovely day. Ahhh…let me elaborate: Sleep. Beach. Sleep. Food—AMAZING food.

Alright, so number one…sleep. I love it, sleep, I love it. (Though Shalt Laugh 1, anyone?) Anyway, I slept till nine-thirty, and then I took a nap from one-thirty to five. That right there would be enough to make my day complete.

But no, there’s more.

In between the sleeping (what was that, four hours? lol.), after eating and dressing etc, we went down to the beach to read picture books, write on the sand (so much fun), look for shells, take photos, and walk. After all this, JP started to get a bit on the tired side and we headed back to the hotel room.

Then came awesome sleep number two. Three and one half hours, pal. HaHA. The only reason I woke up was because my Dad called my cell phone and I had the ring on level eight. I didn’t pick up the phone…I tried to talk myself back into sleep, but couldn’t. After I decided to wake up, I went outside where my Mom and two brothers were sitting on the beach, actually one brother was playing with a little kid staying next door. I then started deleting photos from my camera. See, since I can’t unload any of the photos I take…I took the max amount that my memory card can hold…so I deleted some of the photos that weren’t any good. Oh, so the phone call—I returned it, and my dad said he was five minutes or so away from the hotel.

Is there more? Yes! The best (yes, better than sleep) is still to come.

“Vola-a-r-ey! O-o-oh, oh!” (Not my fault, Mom got that song stuck in my head.)


We went out to dinner at Volare’s. An ‘Italiano Risterante’ to the highest degree. The food is absolutely amazing. We went there for the first time last August per the high recommendations of a San Diegan friend of my Dad, an Italian himself and a gnocchi connoisseur. Anyways, my Mom and I (you know, the ones in the family with the refined palates, haha) especially looking forward to eating at Volare’s. Actually, we’ve been craving it since Augugst. Obsessing, *cough*cough*, of course not! Oh, haha, one more thing…well, first let me describe Volare’s.

The first thing you notice when you get out of the car is the heavenly smells in the air. It’s in the wrong side of town, surrounded by ‘shops’ of arguable reputation, and a Marine Base. (Family, shush.) Volare’s has been around since the ‘70s, in a old two story, brick building with plaid café curtains and various hours and ‘We’re Open’ signs in the front window. When you walk in (into a foyer type room) your first impression is of a comfortable, lived in space. Straight ahead is a board with the day’s specials and various articles that mention Volare’s surrounded with artificial greenery. Overall, a very homey feel…hole in the wall, sure—but I count that as a good thing. It seats 49, if I remember correct.

So, the first time we walked in, Mom and I kind of went into a shock. A good shock, a we-can’t-believe-how-amazing-this-is shock…and we hadn’t even tasted the food! Things only got better though. Alright, guys (if any guys read this), you may not want to read further. Ahha, so Mom and I are kind of just ‘taking it in’, waiting to be seated…and then come our waiter to seat us. He, umm, let me suffice it to say, was very Italian. Tall, dark, (say it with me) handsome. Mom and I exchanged looks. Hehe. Girly looks.

Anyways, you can imagine the teasing my brothers gave me ‘bout our waiter. And as we were preparing to go out to Volare’s tonight, my brothers started in again, wondering out loud if ‘he’ would be there again.

He was.

After he seated us and took our orders, he brought our drinks. Mom told me to blog that he served the ladies their drinks first. Hehe, it is most certainly not just ME noticing these things. Ahhh, rotfl. Ok, guys can start reading again.

I can’t say enough good things about the food. It is absolutely, incredibly, amazing. I would be on a first name basis with every worker there if we lived in San Diego, heck, I would work there is we lived in the San Diego area. I ordered Gnocchi Romano. (The same thing I ordered the first time I went.) Mom ordered Eggplant Parmesan. (The same thing she ordered the first time we went.) Dad ordered Chicken Parmesan. Aiden ordered a sausage pizza to share with JP. Ian ordered Chicken Strips. Yet another mark that this restaurant is out of this world—the chicken strips were amazing. I would have eaten them as a meal…not over my gnocchi, but they were the best chicken strips any of us have ever tasted. Oh, and we ordered Fried Calamari as appetizer (yes, it’s squid…just close your eyes and open your mouth). And to top it all off, the Canoli was awesome as well.

(I did take photos of everything. I’ll upload them when I can.)

So, I’m going to do a run down on the dishes…

Gnocchi Romano – Best gnocchi I’ve had (that I remember). The texture is amazing (I’m going to apologize in advance for using this adjective very, very much…but I really can’t help it)…perfect, actually. Soft throughout, but not gooey or slimy. The sauce was a cream based sauce with mushrooms and big ol’ pieces of fresh garlic…and a hint of vodka. (Tipsy pasta, Ais?) I couldn’t finish it, it was so rich.

Eggplant Parmesan – I’m not a huge Eggplant Parm fan. My Mom is the connoisseur. But I had to enjoy this one as well. I only had a little taste (I could only eat so much, I was dedicated to my gnocchi), but there was no soggy-ness…the layers were paper thin. Mom said it is delicious.

Chicken Parmesan – I actually didn’t taste this. Dad said he enjoyed it, and if it was anything like the chicken strips it was delicious. My Dad has a thing for Chicken Parmesan. It’s sort of a family joke…Mom asked him if she should talk him out of ordering it. Hehe. She didn’t.

The pizza was good…crust was a little greasy, but that isn’t a terrible crime in my book. 😛 The sausage was amazing, crumbled—not the little manufactured square like things on ‘normal’ pizzas, and the flavor was huge—tons of fennel (you could see the whole seeds), garlic. It was very good.

Chicken Strips – lol, as I said before—these chicken strips rocked. Oh, and I’ll take some time here to talk about the marinara. As everything else, the marinara was amazing also. It was so fresh, so light…oh, it was incredible. Fresh tomato, fresh garlic, I tasted some tarragon, giving it a sweet-ish after taste.

Fried Calamari – I really like Calamari. I remember eating it on the boardwalk in Jersey. This calamari had an amazing batter…so light and crispy, not greasy or heavy at all. Just right, barely there it seemed….and then salted, peppered, lemon juiced, and dipped into the marinara sauce—heavenly.

Canoli – Volare’s canolis are very good as well. Lol, and we know canolis. When we lived back east every year there was an Italian Festival and we had a Canoli and a Gnocchi taste-off, so we know canolis (and gnocchi for that matter). The shell was perfect—substantial enough to not become useless after the first bite. The filling was amazing too, not too sweet, sweet enough, smooth (texture and flavor), tiny chocolate chips (not big ones or nasty other things people try to sneak in)…ahh. It was the perfect end to a perfect meal.

So I’m a food geek…some people need to appreciate these things. You can go order your ‘Meat Luvers Supreme’ Pizza over at wherever you get that type of pizza…and I’ll just have myself anything off of Volare’s menu. Thankyouverymuch. 😛 (I’m also a food snob, but you wouldn’t notice that.)

Ahh man…if you are ever in San Diego and enjoy a good meal…I strongly encourage you to stop over at Volare’s.

Today was a delicious day.

And I will sleep well tonight…really, I will.


One Response to “Day Three in San Diego”

  1. gukkhser Says:

    Oh, come now, Dev, it isn’t necessary to close your eyes before popping a piece of squid in your mouth? Do you know how to clean those, btw? I must teach you next time we see each other, if you’ve never done it…

    Tipsy pasta? Perfect. 😀 LOL we foodies must band together!!! You and I need to start that food blog, hun…

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