February 10, 2008

No, you do not need to know anything about days 4, 5, 6, or 7. Hehe. It’ll just by my secret…what happens in San Diego stays in San Diego. 😛

Nooo…but then I couldn’t tell you about more awesome food!

Now, when I started this ‘San Diego’ blogging…I have no idea why I chose ‘Day _fill-in-the-blank_ in San Diego.’ Very confusing! It would be embarrassing to tell you how many times I have had to think about which number day is which week day. So that’s why I’m not going to tell you. Muaha. Ahem.

And now, since I’m home, I’m not going to break up the days individually and write long, lovely posts about each day. Nu-uh, not going to happen. I’ll give you the condensed version:

We ate at Anythony’s and Filippi’s. Both very good restaurants, very different foods.


Now, on this one stip of water front shop and restaurants and tourist traps there are three Anthony’s restaurants. One is ‘zee ‘fancy’ and expensive one…you know, the kind you see ‘hip’ city people in slinky clothes entering and exiting. The next is more family style and casual (we went to this ‘middle’ Anthony’s one year and it was pretty good.) But our favorite of the trio is Anthony’s Fishette. The cheapest of the line (We’re there, baby! :P). The menu is simple and yet wide enough to satisfy a family of many: sandwiches, fried seafood, salad, and seafood chowders (the white is better…and the red depends on the chef).


This place is in San Diego’s Little Italy and has been around since the ’50s. The first two time we went we all got different items off the menu (eggplant parmigiana, pasta and clams, tortellini, etc) and everything was very good…then we went to Volare’s and Volare’s was just a bit better. So, this time we went we just ordered pizza (’cause Fillipi’s is known for their pizza)…and the pizza was SO DARN GOOD. We ordered two pizza’s, a plain and a meatball (because their meatballs are heavenly). When the waiter brought the pizzas (is there an apostrophe there? oh well.) I was a little concerned because the pizzas were somewhat small: 6 medium sized pieces per pie. Only two pieces per family member—*gasp*! Anyways, everyone finished their first piece, and some (including myself) struggled to finish a second place. *gasp*! The reasoning behind this shameful lack of eating, I believe, is that the pizza was packed, man! There was an amazing amount of cheese on it (just mozzarella too, so your jaws got a workout)…it would put most places’ extra-extra cheese pizzas to shame. And the crust was verrry good, it was very yeasty (almost a beer hint) and doughy and slightly sweet. Now, I love crust. I will eat most crusts, no matter how blah they are. This one was amazing–when I couldn’t finish my second piece, I tore off the crust so I could eat it without finishing the piece. Ha, you’re amazed with my cleverness, huh? *nods*  Hmm, let me see…the minestrone was good (the veggies could have been cooked down a bit more to my taste though), Aiden raved about the salad, and the water was not too tinny.

Oh! One more big ‘plus’ about Fillipi’s: There is a Italian food mart when you first enter the store. This time we bought a big jar of capers, a pound of locatelli cheese, two different type of tiny, tiny pasta, and…and…uh, this:

Ok, I just googled for a good two minutes trying to find a website or a pic of this product to no avail. Sure I took a picture of it, but I haven’t uploaded my camera yet. Why am I being vague? Oops. Alright this mystery thing is in a 21 ounce glass jar with a label on the front saying the following:

Ferrara (R) Fine Italian Confectionery & Specialty Products Since 1892
Petite Lemon Sponge
Product of Italy

The contents are about 9-11 little cakes about 1 1/2 inches long that look like they were baked in elongated muffin tins (so the tops are rounded and wider than the bottom part). They are a bronze color and are soaking in a syrupy liquid.

The serving suggestion (written on the back label) says: Serve with custard, Ice Cream, and/or fresh fruit.

The ingredients are: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Eggs, Flour, Alcohol, Vegetable Shortening, (Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil/Partially Hydrogenated Pal Oil), Yeast, Natural Lemon Flavoring, Salt

AHAHA! (and in the words of Kahlil: “What a goose I am!”)

There’s, um, a web address on the back label. *COUGH* This was all for a descriptive writing exercise! Yeah…

Ok, the website is here. (Why didn’t this come up on Google?!)

*Sigh* Ok, so that website is no help whatsoever.

Back to descriptive writing.

This is my hypothesis: The cakes are little lemon sponge cakes (wait…does it say that on the label? :P) swimming in Lemoncello! One of my many googles resulted in information on Lemoncello Liquer. Here’s the link. This is the website’s definition of Lemoncello:

Lemoncello liqueur is made by soaking lemon zests in neutral grain alcohol for a month or more. The result is a thick, sweet dessert cordial with an intense lemon-flavor. It is best stored in the freezer.

This sounds like our liquid! Victory is mine.

Ah, that was fun. 🙂

The only bitterness in this little jar of heaven for me is that I gave up all sweets (and junk food for that matter, so potato chips, soda, etc count as well) for Lent and that means I have…to…wait to eat my Baba Cakes in Lemoncello. *sigh*

And if you are ever in San Diego and enjoy good food, I highly recommend going to one (or all) of the restaurants I have mentioned in my San Diego posts.

Our family arrived earlier today and things have gone off without a hitch…so far, we’ll see. No, just kidding, for any family who reads this blog. You know I love you guys…really all of you. 🙂


Haha…I just published this. And then realized that I was going to summarize the final 4 days of our SD venture…I only wrote about the food. Well, you can see what is important to me. Hehe.

Anyways…besides the food our days were spent beaching, walking, doing school (me), sleeping, and playing with neighboring kids.

Oh my gosh, the family right to our left had the two cutest kids, a 2yo and a 4 mo. Lol, they arrived the day after us and the 2yo came outside to play. He came up to Aiden who was sitting with my Mom and Ian and asked, “What kid are you?” and then said, “Hi, guys.” Ahh, he was really adorable. Aiden and Ian ended up playing with him (and JP) for a few days…the left the day before us. Oh, and the 4mo had this full head of dark black hair that stood up on end all over the place. It was funny, his dad would try to slick it down a little, but *poof* it would stick back up.

AND A NOTE TO MY GRANDPARENTS: I did not watch any ‘Navy Guys’ doing pull ups in the early morning hours. Ahem. …I slept in.

Sorry about this ‘stream of consiensness’ thing I’ve got goin’ on here, but I’m trying to remember what I wanted to write about from the vacation.

Uhhh, nothing is huge in my mind right now that I should write. I watched some of ‘The Weight of Water.’ Very confusing movie to come into in the middle. Weird flashbacks from late 1800s (maybe?) and then to modern day, and people seeming pretty, er, ‘comfortable’ around each-other in one scene *cough*cough* and then violent in the next. I dunno. It had the guy from the old version of Persuasion in it. Cirian something maybe?

Ah well, and then a movie with Queen Latifah came on…I watched part of it, found the characters realllly annoying and switched to some comedy sitcom. But really, I didn’t watch much TV…I had it on when I was working on my laptop.

Alrighty, I think you know all you need to know and even if you don’t, this is all I’m telling.

I’ve got the power! 


2 Responses to “Returned”

  1. gukkhser Says:

    MUAHAHA nice post ending. Lol.

    You wouldn’t happen to be an amazingly nice enough person to save one of those Baba Cakes in Lemoncello until October?

    AHHHHH we have to talk on the phone, girl!!!!! 😀 Oh, and I totally forgot; I still have to send you the background to my journal-letter! ARGH! Hahaha.

  2. Splendor Says:

    Lol, yes you would like that ending.

    and…either that OR (since we’ll be in San Diego in August) I can buy another jar for us. hehehe.

    yes. ah. YES, we must talk. do you have time on Thursday? (Tomorrow is shot for me.)

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