Feast Fit for a Pope

April 18, 2008

Oh do I wish I was at the White House yesterday…eating. 😀 While Pope Benedict couldn’t make the dinner (he was meeting with the US’ bishops), those who were able to come (including Chief Justice Roberts, George Weigel, author of the biography of Pope John Paul II, Ken Hackett, President of Catholic Relief Services, and last but not least, Tommy Lasorda, former baseball player and manager) surely enjoyed the meal…hey, more food for them. Just kidding. Anyways, thanks to the World Wide Web, I am privy to the menu:

* Morel-encrusted Diver Scallops
* Ramp Spaetzle
* Angel Hair Asparagus Bisque
* Duo of Veal
* White Truffle-Potato Dumplings
* Baby Carrots and Boletus Mushrooms
* Heirloom Lettuces and Candied Pumpkin Seeds
* Spring Squash Carpaccio
* Styrian Pumpkin Oil Vinaigrette
* Raspberry Crisp
* Mint Coulis

Ohhh oh. Yum. The Raspberry Crisp and the White Truffle-Potato Dumplings sound most interesting to me at the moment…and ideas on how I get myself to the White House for dinner? Anyone…anyone?


2 Responses to “Feast Fit for a Pope”

  1. jama Says:

    What a fun poem! I’m a disillusioned Yankees fan surrounded by Red Sox in-laws, so at this point, I could go either way . . .

    Love your recipes — please come to my tea party and share a recipe: http://jamarattigan.livejournal.com/93653.

  2. gukkhser Says:

    haha i am so behind on your blog… those scallops and the raspberry crisp sound best… argh!

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