Attn: Lex Luthor

May 3, 2008

Last night I was babysitting. Five boys (ages 12-1). 4:30-10:00. Luckily, they are five of the sweetest boys I know. Anyways, it was around 9:30, all the boys were in bed, and I was downstairs washing dishes.

Then boy #4 came walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, and said that his ‘tummy was hurting.’ So I told him that he could rest on the couch until his parents came home (in hopes that he might fall asleep on the couch.)

Well, he didn’t fall asleep. So he and I sat together for a good 1/2 hour, and he talked.

And talked. (He’s about 4 years old.)

Man can he tell, as our family calls them, a gooood whopper. Good angels, bad angels, elephants, death, doctors ressurecting patients, and…and…and. I really didn’t get a word in edgewise, but that was alright with me as I was running on 5 hours of sleep.

At one point I started slipping into that older-sibling-of-many-sibling status of listening and nodding on auto-pilot. Then he said…

“…then the guy poked me in the eye and I turned into superman!”

Oh, I laughed, and laughed, and laughed…

And there he is, sitting, giving me this questioning, quizzical look of, “What are you laughing at? You don’t know it couldn’t happen.”

So, a word to the wise, Lex Luthor…don’t poke anyone in the eye.


One Response to “Attn: Lex Luthor”

  1. Angie Mc Says:

    Very sweet and clever…both of you:).


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