Food Find: Peach Cobbler

June 1, 2008

Today was a very good day, but what I want to write about the most is the food. A unexpected food find. Marvelous.

While we were walking from Diamondback’s stadium (a part of our good day) to our vehicle, Mom and I noticed Karim’s Cobbler Shop and Deli. Rather, we noticed the large sign in the window proclaiming ‘Peach Cobbler.’ Coincidentally Mom and I had been talking about craving cobbler earlier today.

So, we told the boys to wait for us, went into Karim’s, and bought a large serving of Peach Cobbler. Mom and I took the two spoons, walked outside, sat down, and proceeded to eat, and dissect, (like the good foodies we are) the cobbler.

It was very good.

The crust (crucial to the overall quality of the cobbler) was not too sweet, held up among all the juice, and provided enough ‘crunch’ to the peach’s ‘smooth.’ The sauce was heavy on the nutmeg, we guessed some lemon, but no cinnamon. The peaches and sauce had been cooked down a good amount of time, resulting in a thick, flavorful juice. The ratio of sauce to crust to peach was perfect. Heaviest on the sauce, medium on the crust, and lightest on the peach. Cost us $4.50. To put things in perspective, I could buy one Ice Cream ‘Novelty’ (Dibs, etc.) at the ballpark for the same price.

The camera was across the street with Dad, and the cobbler was gone before we got to him, but here is a picture from the website (ours wasn’t a la mode):


One Response to “Food Find: Peach Cobbler”

  1. Angie Mc Says:

    Yum! perfect our own…


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