Want, not need….

June 12, 2008

I want this dress.  Reallllly want it.  *shrugs*  How much is $32 in the grand scheme of things anyway?  …and besides, vintage is like ‘re-cycling,’ it’s a good thing…and someone needs to keep vintage stores patronized…right?

I could wear it all year long out here…I could wear it to church…it would bring out the, uh, brown in my eyes…

….if anyone’s looking for a b-day gift for me… 😛


8 Responses to “Want, not need….”

  1. Clare Says:

    Ooooh, yes, that is so beautiful! Golly, why can’t they make darling dresses like that nowadays?

    Though $32 is a great price for a vintage piece… I generally see them up towards $100.


  2. aisa Says:

    awhh that’s lovely, but it says it’s on hold!!

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  4. maggie o Says:

    i love the color….

  5. D McIntyre Says:

    Psst. Maggie. I ended up getting the dress as a birthday gift. 😀 I really love it.

  6. maggie ostrowski Says:

    dont you love it when those things happen!!!???:)

  7. maggie ostrowski Says:

    too bad my b-day is so far away….
    the other day, ben was counting down the days till christmas. i think he was on 29.

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