Seasoned college student

July 18, 2008

…or so I hope.

Wednesday marked the end of my summer college classes. Can you say, “Woot!” ? Anyway, over the course of English 101, we did 8 miniwrites (15 minute essays) so, since my posting has been lax (to be nice)…here is miniwrite #8:

Oh, one more thing, a ‘homeschooler moment’ if you will – the second to last class, I printed this poem out and brought it in to my professor for her to read because I thought it would make her laugh. Anyways, during the last class: Professor says, “Do you guys remember that one test that I was going to have you all retake? [the entire class pretty much failed it – I got a 75% and that was among the higher scores] Well, whatever score you get on this miniwrite will be the score you get on the test, because you all deserve it.” I was already feeling pretty darn good about this when Professor starts to hand around pieces of paper while saying, “Devin brought this poem in to show me, and I want you all to read it, then I have a question.”

Was it? Oh yes it was. Our last miniwrite. About the poem I brought in. Can you say, “Score!” ?

Anyway, the question was, “How can you use the power of words to make a positive impact on your society, country, or world?”

And this is how I answered:

People speak, argue, cajole, explain, complain, and exclaim using words every day. Words are one of mankind’s most powerful tools, yet, sadly, this powerful tool is again and again not used to its fullest quotient. Society is lowering and lowering its standards for the spoken and written word. When will it stop? Will it ever stop? I believe that the possibility of society coming back to the eloquent, masterful word of yore is slim indeed, but there is hope. There is hope because there are people who take the time to carefully construct sentences, paragraphs, and essays. There is hope because any person who takes the time to speak and write with power and precision feels a pride in their counter-culture ways. I am one of those people.

I have no grand illusions about my impact on the world. My life is but one link in the endless chain of today’s society. Nevertheless, I am not so unique that there is no one else who shares in my opinion that it is worth the extra minute, or hour, to speak and write with strength, empathy, and confidence. In my own way, however small it may be, I will influence my society through speaking and writing with certainty and clarity. I will encourage others around me to take care when speaking and writing. I will be company and solace to others who, like me, love to unleash the full power of words. I will influence in the measure that I will not go along with the trend that designates the uncertain and inarticulate spoken and written word to be acceptable.

Friends, it is time to wake up from our reverie of sloth and uncertainty. It is time to erase from our vocabulary long words that have little meaning, and words that are used as a means only to sound educated. We do ourselves a disservice by not taking a little extra time to create something beautiful. Friends, it is time to fall back into love with words.

On that note, love to you all…

…and be expecting some food blogging (Zucchini Pancakes w/ Mango Chutney sauce, Chicken Tacos w/ Homemade Corn Tortillas, Easy Ice Cream Cake, and Roasted Potatoes…I think that’s all.)


2 Responses to “Seasoned college student”

  1. Mrs. P. Says:

    you’ve seen this, right?

  2. Splendor Says:

    Yes, I have – LOVE it!

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