Kindle 2

March 7, 2009

 I literally began drooling when I saw this. Ohhhh, baby what a beautiful use of technology.

One thing (maybe this can be on Kindle 3): there should be a way where you can ‘upload’ books you already own without having to pay for them…like with iTunes, you can load CDs you already own onto it so you don’t have to go ‘re-buy’ your CD collection.  This (or a later version, depending on when I save the $$) is definitely on my To-Buy list.


3 Responses to “Kindle 2”

  1. crazyandlovingit Says:

    I’m crazy about this too, but I just looked at the price and thought it was too much and out of my reach. But anyway, I think, I’m going to save for it, because it’s too cool and it’s easier for me to carry the kindle that carrying the books I’m reading everywhere I go.

  2. Splendor Says:

    I know…this induces some serious price tag shock – but I’m thinking that it is totally worth saving for (and hopefully the prices on new editions aren’t too much higher.)

  3. Ken Says:

    Yes, you can upload ebooks you already own if they are not DRM protected. I have found a large number of the classics are free and download those from a number of places. But, what you are looking for are are *.mobi or *.prc files and you can convert the books you already own with a free program called Calibri (it is fairly easy – look at the manual here:


    Of course the exciting thing is that you can order newer books right off the device. I love that, been using it for about a week now. You can back up the books on your computer too.

    This really isn’t a flashy device, it does MP3 files and has a basic web browser. But, it is really about books.

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