Green and grey

April 10, 2009

I’ve completed about half of the items on my to do list I posted a few days ago, but I’m post about the most ‘fun’ of the completed bunch.

Buy an Easter outfit

I wrote that I wanted to find something springy and light, and I do believe I’ve found an outfit that satisfies both!





The shoes and earrings I’ve owned for a while now; the dress and scarf are the new parts. The dress is Isaac Mizrahi for Target (I found it for $10 at a local thrift shop.) It was a little big around the waist, so I found the green scarf to cinch it in a bit. I’m pretty darn satisfied!


3 Responses to “Green and grey”

  1. So pretty! Your shoes and earrings will be the perfect finishing touch. Are you going to share pictures of yourself all dressed up come Easter?

    I’m going to be wearing a sweet and springlike yellow vintage dress that I bought from Vintage Vixen… I’m so grateful to you for recommending that site to me!

  2. gukkhser Says:

    devvvvv that is gorgeous!!! i need pics of you wearing that.

    p.s. clare, dev also sent me there =) and i think it’s become positively sinful how much time i’ve spent browsing through it and *coughignoringavoiding* what *really* needs doing…

  3. Mei Mei Says:

    Gorgeous dress, Dev!! Love the shoes 😉 I cannot believe I didn’t know that you had a blog! 😛 lol Anyway, I’m going to be in need of a girls-only movie with you sometime soon… Let me know when you’re free! 🙂

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