Lazy Sunday Lunch

October 28, 2009

Italian-ish sandwich, originally uploaded by devin.katie.


5 Responses to “Lazy Sunday Lunch”

  1. maggie o Says:

    funny as you scroll down the page, first you see this perfect sandwich, then you see the squash 😀 they both look good though i have to say.

  2. D McIntyre Says:

    You should start a blog where you post about your amazing sewing skills! I’m completely serious. You could even use it as marketing for your business!

  3. maggie ostrowski Says:

    that is a really good idea… i dont have a camera though….. minor point i guess…..:)

  4. D McIntyre Says:

    Ahhhh, that is a bump. You could use descriptive wording until you get a camera to use!

  5. maggie ostrowski Says:

    good idea :)i’ll have you do it

    this has nothing to do w/ anything, but i have to tell you.
    so for art i am making this skirt out of newspapers. very time consuming.i started during Christmas break. you have to braid about a million braids out of newspaper then you have weave them…
    anyway, so i brought the two pieces into school today. they were huge. hhhhuuuuugggggeeee. i couldnt take them on the bus and they filled the whole of my dad’s car’s trunk. guess what my art teacher wants to make them into…. vases. yes vases. he is convinced that they would win a prize that way. i was quite shocked. very shocked actully. i was kind excited to make a skirt and he had liked my first idea, cause i was going to cut designs into the weaving.
    a vase.
    i cant get over it.
    a vase.
    my skirt a vase.

    this may take some time…..

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