As if the Sea should part

January 6, 2010

Fall 2009 307

As if the Sea should part
And show a further Sea —
And that — a further — and the Three
But a presumption be —

Of Periods of Seas —
Unvisited of Shores —
Themselves the Verge of Seas to be —
Eternity — is Those —

Emily Dickinson

2 Responses to “As if the Sea should part”

  1. MAGGIE OStowksi Says:

    that is such a cool pic. did you take it. i mean, it is possible that you did….but you dont live next to the sea…. so i am going to assume you didnt. 🙂
    i love emily dickinson so much!!!! even if sometimes if i have no idea what she is saying…. i love how she capitalizes random words to call attention to them.

  2. D McIntyre Says:

    Hahaha, Maggie – I actually did take the picture…on vacation in San Diego…but I completely understand your reasoning.

    I love Dickinson as well….I can always find something new in her poems.

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