So close and yet so far….

January 26, 2010


Today I was filling out paperwork at my college.  A woman came in and spoke to the financial aid advisor.  I over heard the following…

Jane Doe: “I need to drop all of my classes.”

Financial Aid Advisor: “The Drop/Add due date was yesterday.”


4 Responses to “So close and yet so far….”

  1. maggie Says:

    i dont get the picture. i thought that life wasnt fair….so should the life bubble be much bigger?
    i am so confused.

  2. D McIntyre Says:

    hehe, you’re funny maggie. i just meant to illustrate that life is NOT a thing that is fair.

  3. maggie Says:

    HEY GRADUATE!!!!CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOU FINISHED HIGH SCHOOL!!! TELL ME WHEN YOU OPEN A RESTAURANT!!! it is not allowed to be Italian though. there are too many. maybe like Ukrainian food or something. just spell everything with four z’s and a y 🙂

    i get the life isnt fair pic now. i needed that explaination 🙂

  4. D McIntyre Says:

    I obviously haven’t been on here in forevvver… Thank you so much, Maggie! Ha, I doubt I’ll be opening a resturant – food will stay my hobby. How are you doing??

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